Carl Hansen & Søn


Carl Hansen & Søn is a renowned manufacturing company behind many classic pieces of furniture by leading figures of Danish design. Inspired by the brands slogan "Passionate Craftmanship", we have used the textural sound of a felt piano as a recurring element in their sonic branding to evoke a timeless sense of calm and prescence. This film showcases the BM0253 shelving system designed by Børge Mogensen.

We wanted the soundtrack to convey dreamlike feeling, yet with emphasis on hyperreal, life-like sounds. This was achieved by counterbalancing various ambient and tactile elements in both the music and sound design; an intimate-sounding piano, horizons of ambience, distant wind-in-leaves atmospheres and ultra haptic sound effects recorded and designed specifically for this project.

3D: Andreas Bjørn Ibsen

Music & Sound Design: Ampli